Tarte - Tartelette In Bloom Clay Eyeshadow Palette Review

Price: $60 CAD
Tartlette in the Bloom is the second palette in the series! This one definitely leans a bit warmer vs the original Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Eyeshadow Palette is more neutral. Other than that, it includes a mix of matte (9)  and shiny/lustre (3) finishes for a total of 12 shades.
ALSO, the palette just smells like cocoa powder!! <3 

Overall I find that this palette is a really great all-in-one because you have your basic whites, medium/dark browns and black matte shades. Those are considered essential shades that everyone should own. But on top of that, you have some beautiful shimmers such as Funny Girl and FireCracker. So, if I had to bring one palette with me to travel, I think this would be the ideal one!

Overall Formula:

  • The formula overall is creamy and easy to blend except for a few. 
  • For the lustre finishes, Rocker was not as pigmented and smooth as FireCracker or Funny Girl.
  • All matte shades on the very right (darkest) were super pigmented and did not need to be layered twice. However, some of the lighter matte shades like Charmer, and Flower Child were slightly chalky. 
  •  For consistency, I wish all shades were as pigmented and creamy as Funny Girl because it does change from shadow to shadow.


My personal favourites in this palette have to be Funny Girl, Sweet Heart, and Firecracker! Funny Girl is EXTREMELY creamy and pigmented, sweetheart is a beautiful peachy transition shade and FireCracker is a great all over the lid colour. 

Note: all swatches are done without primer!

Charmer (off white)
Jetsetter (warm taupe)
Rocker (shimmering taupe)
Smokeshow (black brown)
Flower Child (peachy nude)
Smarty Pants (tan)
Firecracker (bronze copper)
Activist (dark brown)
Funny Girl (champagne)
Sweetheart (peach)
Rebel (chestnut brown)
Leader (aubergine) 

Final Thoughts:

 Although I do find $60 quite pricey for this palette, I still highly recommend it because it's a very well thought out and just an overall very solid palette. It's really versatile and can create natural to smokey looks. If you are hesitant about the price, keep an eye out for discounts at Sephora, and also the Tarte website - I'm always getting emails for sales from them!

Overall Rating: 8/10

What do you guys want to see next? :) 


March 2017 Beauty Favourites

March has been a weird month in terms of weather - part of it was cold and part of it was warm. But because instead of getting snow, we started to get rain, my skin sorted itself out and went back to being combination/oily instead of dry/oil! Here are a few products that I have been really loving this month, and have been my go-to products!

1. CoverGirl Oh Sugar! - No.10 Gumdrop
Price: $7
Personally, I don't like a super opaque lipstick that looks like a mask and dries my lip out so I was looking for more of a tinted lip balm. I really love the new Yves Saint Laurent Volupté Tint-in-Balm but I couldn't justify a $42 lipstick/balm that only lasted around an hour before disappearing from my lips. The colour I was in love with was 5 - DARE ME PLUM which was described as a dark rich berry.  Luckily, CoverGirl has a $7 dupe for that shade. It's a medium plum shade that feels just like a chapstick. I put it on very lightly and tints my lip, but I find that if I put on too much it feels a little greasy. However, the color is pretty buildable as you can see in the swatch. I love that it's decently moisturising and also no fuss - making it an ideal daily lipstick!

2. Shiseido IBUKI Smart Filtering Smoother
Price: $29
This was given to me by Influenster and I go into detail reviewing it here. I won't go into too much detail but I love layering this over my oil control primer to give my skin a smoother look. Layering it also helps really helps prolong my makeup!

3. Hera UV Mist Cushion Long Stay
Price: $50
This is an amazing cushion foundation in the shade C23 that I bought last summer in Beijing. It is on the pricier side but it wears really nicely on combination skin. The finish is very natural. It has a semi-matte and is medium to almost completely full coverage. "C" stands for cover which indicates it has higher coverage versus, other Hera cushions that have less coverage and indicated by not having the "C" label. After around the 5 hour mark, I do need to blot where I get oily. But, I find that by the end of a whole day 80% of my makeup is still there. For those who have dry skin, I would not recommend this one because it does cling onto my dry patches. I do not use this in the dryer months but once spring and summer come by I always find myself coming to this! 
C23 is perfect for my NC25 skin
4. MAC Mineralize Blush -  BI TONE
Price: $33
When I fist saw this blush I didn't think I would like it. However, once you mix the colours together it looks like a beautiful pinky/mauve with a hint of plum. It's a very satin finish so it kinda gives you the blush and highlight look all in one. Additionally, I love to use this when I wear berry or plum lips. I've been pairing this with the CoverGirl Oh Sugar all month and they look really great together! It is very pigmented make sure you use a light hand. 

5. Wet n Wild Photofocus Setting Spray
Price: $6
I usually almost always used my Urban Decay All nighter setting spray but because it does cost $35 I wanted a good setting spray for my shorter daily outings.  I've limited myself to only using my UD spray if I'm going to a party, or if I know I'll be out the entire day. Wet n Wild's setting spray is super affordable and I find it does a good job on prolonging my makeup! I can't say that it's a dupe for UD because it doesn't hold my makeup together as long. However, since when I go out it's usually just for classes, I'm never out for too long. For times when I'm out for 4-5 hours, I highly recommend this spray. The mist is also very nice :)


Shiseido IBUKI Survival Kit VoxBox

This is the first time I received a VoxBox from Influenster and I'm very excited to try out this Ibuki box! I'm very familiar with Shiseido's skincare lines like Ibuki and White Lucent, but I've never really used their cosmetic products. In terms of what I have used, Ibuki Protective Moisturizer is one of my favourite moisturisers because it makes my skin feel super plump and hydrated. Additionally, the Urban Environment Tinted UV Protector Broad Spectrum SPF 43 is a go to daily favourite :)
Click to enlarge/zoom

Shiseido has a letter that's already stamped and encourages you to tell someone why you care about them and why they're beautiful to you. I'm thinking of writing a little something and send it to my mom! <3
 Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate 

Additional to the letter, which contains 3 days worth of ultimate concentrate. The VoxBox also includes a deluxe sample in addition. I had previously been gifted a full size 2 years ago and was able to really try it out over a prolonged period. Ultimune is a:
A one-of-a-kind boosting pre-treatment that helps defend against multiple signs of aging and damage, while enhancing the effects of skincare that follows. 
In general, Ultimune can boost your skin's immune and help it defend itself from external aggressors like sun damage, pollution, etc. However, I found it too rich for my skin as it is usually given to older clients. I gave my bottle to my mom and she uses it every night after toner and before serum. Ultimune boosts the serum used over it and helps you use less to get the same results! It has a really refreshing scent, easily absorbed and instantly makes my skin feel softer. 

My review: 7/10
Shiseido Ibuki Beauty Sleeping Mask 
An overnight leave-on gel mask featuring vitamin capsules that melt into skin, helping you wake up to a well-rested and radiant complexion. 
I used half the packet one night and woke up with amazing skin despite sleeping super late and only getting a few hours of shut eye! Somehow it reduced all the redness and my skin looked very even. The gel itself is clear but also has some yellow bubble/beads in it that disappear when you apply the cream. According to Shiseido these are actually vitamin capsules. It's very light-weight, absorbs easily, and has the same light fragrance all Shiseido products have. This is one of the top products in my Shiseido Vox Box and would definitely consider purchasing after I run out of my current night time cream! 

My Review: 9.5/10
Shiseido Ibuki Quick Fix Mist

This sample size mist is easy to throw in your bag to help refresh your makeup. Sephora says it's a
"dewy, refreshing gel mist that helps visibly correct shine, dehydration, and day-worn skin while preventing makeup from wearing off or creasing."
At first I thought this was a setting spray but it's actually best used as a refresher throughout the day to touch up your skin/makeup. The formula is a little bit viscous and gel like. My only concern was not with the product itself but rather the deluxe sample packaging. The mist was really bad because it didn't spread the product evenly and only sprayed out droplets. This made it hard to judge the product. At first, when I sprayed it onto my hand it felt tacky, but after it settled in it moisturised and also mattified. Additionally, right after spraying, I feel like there's a light cooling sensation.
My review: 7.5/10
Ibuki Smart Filtering Smoother

A game-changing formula that acts like a smart filter reducing the appearance of pores and absorbing oil, leaving skin with a fresh, smooth, matte look. 

The texture comes out slightly pink, liquidy and the moment it applies to the skin it gives a velvety feel and appearance. I've had a lot of success with this product in terms of blurring my skin, prolonging the wear, and helping to mattify my skin. As I do tend to have more of an oily t-zone, I can't say that it will stop all my oils, therefore, I prefer to use this product as a layering product. I use this on top of the current oil controlling primer to help blur my skin and pores that I have around my cheek/nose area. This makes my skin look super smooth and even. However, I would not recommend this if you're looking to specifically fill in your pores, but rather just as an all over skin blur.

My review: 8/10


I received the product complimentary to review but these are my honest opinions :) 

Bubba Bags Mini Cherry Lips Matte Backpack

Bubba Bags contacted me a week or so ago asking if I'd be interested in trying out their new bags. Surprisingly they were designed by a student from Ottawa, and for those who know, I actually lived there for most of my life. 
They have several series such as the Montreal, Matte, Classic, and Mini Bubba. I originally was going to pick the Matte one in the black shade but figured that since summer is coming soon (hopefully), having a small bag for my adventures would be great!

New! in Canada and USA. Designed for life on-the-go, Bubba Bags are fashionable packing essentials you can use every day.üFunctional & DurableüLightweight & Softü Water Resistant Polyesterü 15" Laptop Sleeve in the Regular Size

I'm very much in love with the colour I picked, Cherry Lips, as it's a perfect bright raspberry shade. I think it's super fun for the summer and would be a great carry on. Additionally, the material is water resistant which will definitely help when I use it traveling. Plus, it has a plush feeling, and really light. The straps are adjustable and are padded as well. 

Despite the small size, the mini bubba bag fits quite a few items. 
Here you can see I have a large water bottle (also bright pink :P ), a notebook, my massive makeup pouch and some small miscellaneous items.

There's a small zip pocket on the front of the bag, additionally, the inside has a large mesh compartment and a water bottle holder on the side. The only problem I had with the mini was that a water bottle didn't fit and instead perhaps would be better for an umbrella. The standard size would probably fit a water bottle in the designated area.  

Use the code "JAYYANGG" for 20% off your purchase! :D 

Find them at: 


NIU BODY Coconut Oil Makeup Remover Wipes for Dry Skin

Ever since I've been getting into more natural skin products, I've found myself using more and more coconut oil since it's so multi-purposeful. Coconut Oil can be used as a deep moisturizing hair mask, body butter, cuticle/hand cream, and of course - makeup remover! 

The only problem I find with using straight coconut oil (only cold pressed) is that it tends to solidify, causing it to chunk and become difficult to use. Coconut oil straight from the jar also leaves a film of grease that takes me several washes to fully remove :( NIU BODY's formula's key ingredient is coconut oil, but they managed to put the right amount so that it takes off my makeup but comes off in one wash. 

Click to enlarge/zoom
NIU BODY has 4 different makeup remover wipes depending on your skin type: Normal, Combination, Dry and Oily.

The one I chose to get was the dry skin version. The current state of my skin is super dry because winter has completely sucked away all its moisture :( As mentioned here you can see my top HG products for winter dry skin.

Dry is made up of: 1. Coconut oil, 2. Ylang Ylang essential oil, and 3. Lavender essential oil. 

Coconut Oil: Removes all makeup (even waterproof), hydrates, has many antioxidants for healing, reduces wrinkles, acts as an antibacterial shield and the benefits go on and on and on....
Ylang Ylang Oil: Its beautiful smell is known to be a natural energizer and boosting your mood and is the key ingredient to Chanel's No.5 Perfume! Ylang ylang also gives you a youthful glow and helps prevent signs of ageing or irritation (healing dry and itchy skin).

Lavender Oil: Like the ylang ylang oil, lavender smells amazing and instantly revitalizes your mood, reduce mental stress, and anxiety. It's also known to help with eczema, detoxifying, firming and boosts the circulation of your skin.

The first time I tried NIU BODY's wipes it was after a long and stressful day. Opening the jar, you can instantly smell the ylang ylang and lavender oil which left me feeling less stressed and relaxed; it really felt like aromatherapy! It really helps me get ready and unwind for bed. 

How I use it: 

Each pad is saturated with product and one is plenty enough to take off all your makeup!
I tend to use one side dedicated to getting rid of 70% of my makeup. Then I flip the pad around and use the other side to get rid of the remaining makeup and massage, with the pad, the essential and coconut oil into my skin so it can absorb all the nutrients. Having the scent linger really calms my nerves and makes taking my makeup off an enjoyable process!

Additionally, don't forget to rinse off everything with a face wash before continuing with the rest of your skincare routine. My problem with most wipes like the Neutrogena ones or even the Simple Skincare wipes is that it strips moisture from my face. With NIU BODY however, after using it I instantly noticed my skin was a lot softer, hydrated and glowie:D
Although, I would caution those who are sensitive to fragrances as the pads are strong in herbal scents.

All in all, I really enjoyed using my NIU BODY makeup remover wipes! As winter passes and my skin gets oilier, I'd probably be more interested in trying their combination ones. 
--> Take a look at Lena's review of NIU BODY's combination wipes here!

NIU BODY has also offered me 10% off your orders with the code "JAY10," and I can't wait for you to try it and to hear your thoughts! :D